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Well, you know…shit.

why would you pay someone for 26-51 weeks for doing nothing

you have a very, very odd definition of “doing nothing”.

Living as a woman in the USA in a nutshell:

  • If you don’t have sex, you’re a prude and a bitch.
  • If you have sex outside of marriage and use birth control to avoid getting pregnant, you’re a slut (whether you’ve had sex twice every day or twice in a year).
  • If you have sex outside of marriage, but don’t use protection and get pregnant, you’re a slut AND you’re stupid 
  • If you’re single and get an abortion because you can’t afford to take time off work to push a baby the size of a melon out of your cooch, you’re a slut, stupid, AND a murderer. 
  • If you’re single but don’t get an abortion, but need extra governmental help to assist in raising your child you were pressured to keep because of someone else’s moral code, you’re a slut, stupid, a leech on the back of society, AND shit out of luck.


And if you’re married and have a baby, apparently raising that child is “doing nothing” and you don’t deserve to be paid maternity leave but if you don’t want to have children with your spouse or can’t have children, you “aren’t doing your duty as a wife”/”aren’t a real woman”
like nah fuck outta here.

You really can’t fucking win with some people

North Korea gives mothers paid leave. North Korea. NORTH KOREA. NORTH KOREA!!!!And America doesn’t!

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